Alex Plastik


Techno – Minimal – House

A.k.a. Urban Medicine, Pez & Plastik, N.S.A.


Alex starts DJing and producing during the end of the 90’s… Within the year 2000. At the age of eighteen, he decides to become broadcast sound engineer and goes studying to Paris.

There, he will meet new people such as, Lucas Konk West, founder of the labels “KW“, “KW2” and “PiP records“. LKW will collaborate with Alex under the name of “Pez & Plastik” and release a first vinyl for Alex in 2003, the “Dance EP” on “KW records”. Alex also signs his first solo EP “Crowd & Noise” on “PiP records”.

The same period, Alex also produces with DJ Sempaï under the name of “Urban Medicine” for many EPs and remixes…

In Paris, Alex also meets the SCF crew or PME and starts spinning more often as DJ in parisian underground raves or well known clubs such as “La Loco“, “Le Glazart“, “Les 4 Elements” or “Le Batofar“.

In 2010, he begins to collaborate with Geoff Clinton the manager of Atomic Soda records.

Since 2003, Alex made some productions or remixes for labels such as Richie Hawtin‘s Minus (DE), Atomic Soda (FR), Einwanderer (DE), Minigroove (MX), Holographic (MX), FBSS (CA), Progrezo (CO) or the famous Baroque Records and its subdivision Babylon in UK. Very recently, Alex signed a remix for his friend Rohan1000 on the french label Unstuck Music, more info soon!


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Unstuck Musik
Baroque Rec
Einwanderer records

Minigroove records
Progrezo Records
KW Music group

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